Meet Reid Anderson

People ask us why we do what we do. Here we share our story. 
Sometime things go bad people need help and we want to be that help. 
We look forward to serving you and getting you and or your family back on the road.

CAR ownership 

can happen for you

Often we hear of a family event or an emergency that changes a 
family. This can lead to serious events such as an illness or even a divorce. 

Financial stress can also lead to bankruptcy. 

We started Reid's Auto Connection out of our victory over bankruptcy and wanted to help those who are finding challenges in finding a car or financing while in a bankruptcy. 

We will work hard to give you the best experience and car that fits your life and financial needs.

(972) 436-1600

We Provide Southwest Airlines Travel Airlines Travel 
With Courtesy Pick Up At Dallas Love Field For Customers From Non-Local Markets.

Feel Free to Contact us with any questions
(972) 436-1600