Getting approved is easier than you might think.


Reid’s Auto Connection, in conjunction with National Lenders, has established a program which enables you to purchase a new or quality pre-owned vehicle of your choice. You have been PRE-QUALIFIED based solely on your bankruptcy filing and household budget. We specialize in dealing with bankruptcy and will help you with the process of rebuilding your credit file. Actually, your bankruptcy filing is the only qualifying item required to begin this process.

We deal with only the best in bankruptcy financing, helping people just like you to re-establish their credit. We have developed a program designed only for those customers who are or have recently been involved in a bankruptcy.

In addition to financing a vehicle while in an open bankruptcy, there are even programs to lower your interest rate… be sure to ask how. You must contact me as soon as possible to register for this program.

There are important things that you should know before reaffirming your current auto loan or continuing to pay on a vehicle contained in a bankruptcy. If you already have, that’s okay. Please call for a complete explanation about why reaffirming or continuing to pay on an auto loan does not always count as credit after a bankruptcy. Every single payment made on a reaffirmed auto loan is usually money wasted.


Fill out our credit application here and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you.